Knives and Swords: Biggest selection on the internet

Knives and swords have been used for thousands of years. Every household has as least one knife. Whether they be cutlery knives, bucks, a butcher knife, hunting knife, fillet knife, or just your best pocket knife we have got them. We have all the varieties of swords starting with the Japanese Katana Sword and Japanese Samurai sword..

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

Our goal

Swords Of The East started with the goal of taking away all of the hassles in getting an authentic, high quality, functional Samurai Sword here in America. We traveled to Asia, met with the top forges, and sourced direct to get their customers the highest quality Samurai Swords at the lowest prices.


Top Quality

We now ship all over the world, and have a larger selection of products than just Swords. We still stick to the same morals and ideals. The customer should be able to get the highest quality swords easily at the lowest prices possiknivesble.

We know that these specialty goods will be treasured for generations to come. So we make sure you are getting only the best! Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you finding your perfect knife or sword. We want you to have the perfect blade. 

We have Knives and Swords of all kinds

Swords of the East, Inc. is proud to offer a peerless selection of functional Japanese Samurai swords and authentic, functional katana for collectors and practicing martial artists. Here you’ll find premium Japanese swords from Cold Steel, Paul Chen swords by Hanwei,and authentic Samurai swords hand-forged from Imperial Forge and Thaitsuki Nihonto.

There are competition-grade katana swords from Ryumon and Sky Jiro. We carry the complete line of Cold Steel swords knivesand knives, as well as the highly desirable Ten Ryu forge.  We offer premium wakizashi, tanto, Iaito and functional Chinese swords. For those desiring the finest quality swords at prices unmatched in the industry go no further. We have recently added a category called “Other SOTE”.  You can find additional types of Eastern style weapons as our product lines continue to expand. If there is a product produced by any of our manufacturers that you don’t see listed, we probably carry it.  .

Swords of the East specializes in the Japanese Katana sword as it is the most desirable type of blade in the world today. Swords of the East is not just about swords we also carry Knives,Blowguns,Slingshot,Crossbow,Brass Knuckles,Pepper spray,and  Mace.

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