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All men like pranks. Are you looking for a special gift for a guy pal, brother or that burly hunk o’ man in your life? Maybe you like pranks or he likes pranks. Well we have got you covered! Men aren’t complicated creatures… they love beer, meat, sports and bodily functions. Luckily, we’ve got everything he could ever want and more.


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Our selection of gags and gifts has something for every guy (and ladies too). Anything from the Original Fart Catcher to a wide variety of beard and mustache gifts. No tear toilet paper,fake dog poop, exploding golf balls,make heart shaped cooked eggs.Then there is the Scary Peeper (see below). When it comes to creep-out scares, pranksthere’s nothing more chilling than glancing at a window and seeing someone staring right back. If you want to pull off the ultimate blood-curdling prank, you need the three-dimensional, eerily lifelike Scary Peeper Deluxe.This shockingly realistic vinyl face easily attaches to windows (inside or out) suction cups. It appears to be peering through the window and watching your target’s every move.

FunSlurp is dedicated to scouring the universe for that special gift. Or the best prank. Yes, we’re that thorough. For the most unique gifts and memorable products on earth. Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Birthday Gifts, Novelty Gifts, Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Mom, Gift ideas. You’ll find items that will have you rolling with laughter, blush with embarrassment and make your mouth water.

Pranks Are Fun !

Even if you are seemingly prone to a lot of things you are not prone to fun…funny pranks !

It’s unclear exactly where the April Fools tradition originated, but some people are more than happy to have the opportunity to play pranks on theirscary-peeper-main-n-300x245 coworkers,family friends, or gee someone you do not know. I remember a few years back a buddy of mine had one of those fart bombs. A fart bomb is a small bag that when activated swells up with gas and then explodes. Explosion is harmless of course. Well we were in a dance club when he activated the bag and thew it. It sailed and landed by a man’s feet. Not knowing what it was he picked it up and gave it a close examination when it exploded. We hee hawed all night. He left to change his shirt.


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