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bourbonWho does not like Bourbon or Boots? Bourbon & Boots was founded and operates from the South. Inheriting the nickname The Sharper Image of the South Bourbon & Boot’s southern lifestyle is  found in their rare & unique handcrafted goods.  Some of these southern inspired products are handcrafted exclusively from authentic reclaimed bourbon, whiskey, and wine barrels. With an exclusive line of over 1,200 rare & unique handcrafted southern inspired products through its southern lifestyle brand there is something  for anybody. Bourbon & Boots is a southern lifestyle brand that exports the southern lifestyle experience through its rare & unique southern inspired handcrafted goods all designed to inspire, reveal, and celebrate the southern living experience.

Give Yourself a Gift

bourbonTheir Southern Lifestyle Brand is your online gift store for “In The South personalized gifts, gift ideas for men, and gift ideas for women. Their inventory of bourbonunique and unusual gifts ensure a rare & unique selection of personal gifts sure to delight you and others. Looking for a whiskey gift for that serious person ? Why not get them (or yourself of course) a moonshine still? This 5 liter copper still is handmade by master coppersmiths and is a must for any collector, person curious about home distilling, interested in producing their own herbal oils, distilled waters, or simply passionate about experimenting with a home whiskey.

Or maybe something for the home,kitchen & barware,handcrafted pens,unique leathers,and even jewelry.

Who you are – You:

Have Southern roots, but may be an expat at the moment, or you may be a converted carpetbagger.

Were raised to open the door for a lady and always say yes ma’am and yes sir.

Love southern class; stylish but not trendy, classy but not snooty.

Value authenticity and craftsmanship and don’t like spending money on disposable things.

Value family, community, tolerance, hospitality, and manners.

Enjoy really good stories and like the people who tell them.

Would shoot your brother-in-law in the back if it would bring one more conference win this season.

Read the good book, but without being too obvious you like a taste of real good bourbon.

And finally, yes we do sip the finest Bourbon and are always looking for an occasion to shine up our best Boots and we hope you will join us soon.    

Handcrafted exclusively from authentic reclaimed bourbon, whiskey, and wine barrels.       ~  


bourbonThe products are all handcrafted southern gifts and preserve the authenticity and heritage of the Deep South.

Bourbon & Boots is a Southern Lifestyle Brand producing rare & unique handcrafted products celebrating life in the South.

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