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What kid (or adult kid) does not like a Model Rocket? Watching a rocket go skyward to the heavens and dream of the possibilities. Model Rocket kits,Motors,Accessories,Parts,and Building Supplies. We have it all! See Our selection of Rockets – Go HERE 

You can display kits by manufacturer, style, or skill level.

Model Rocket Kits by Manufacturer

AMT,  ASP, BMS, Centuri, Custom Rocket, Dr. Zooch, Edmonds, Estes, FlisKits, LOC/Precision, Madcow Rocketry, MPC, Odd’l Rockets, Quest, Real Space Rockets, Revell, Rocketarium, SkyPyrates Rocketry, U.S. Rockets 

Model Rocket Accessories   

View a selection of model rocket accessories including blast deflectors, launch rods, and t-shirts. Build or repair your rockets using parts from our large selection including Baffle Kits, Body Tubes, Centering Rings, Couplers, Engine Hooks, Launch Lugs, Motor Mount Kits, Nose Blocks, Nose Cones, Parachutes, Shock Cords, Transitions, and Other Parts.

Model Rocket Supplies

View a selection of supplies.

To get started in model rocketry, you should buy and build a “Skill Level 1” rocket kit. Skill Level 1 kits are easy-to-build and fly. If you plan to fly the rockets on your own, you should buy a launch set. A launch set usually includes a rocket kit, a launch pad, and a launch controller. You will need to purchase batteries, motors, and recovery wadding separately.

model rocketsTo build your rocket, you’ll need a few supplies and tools such as white glue, a sharp pencil, a razor knife, scissors, and sandpaper. Most kits also require paint to finish the model. If you’re under 13 years old, you’ll also need help from an adult.

The instructions included  will guide you through the steps to build and finish your rocket. Read through the instructions once before you start so that you have an idea of what’s next when start building. Prepare a comfortable work area with good lighting. Use a piece of cardboard as a work surface so you don’t damage your table or desk. After you’ve completed the kit, paint it outside and let it dry before handling it.

                               Time To Fly Your Model Rocket

model rocketsThe best time and place to fly your rocket is with a local club. Not only will the club provide a good place to launch, they have launch pads and controllers. In addition to launching your own you’ll be able to see many other rockets fly. And you will be able to get help from experienced rocketeers. To find a club in your area, search the Rocketry Clubs database at

Once you’ve built and flown your first rocket, come back to Choose your next rocket from our large selection of kits from Estes, ASP, Odd’l Rockets, RSR and other companies.

When and where did Rockets come from?

Taken from –…”The inventor of the first rocket is a mystery lost to time, but it’s believed that 9th Century Chinese alchemists invented gunpowder, which eventually led to bombs and rocket-propelled projectiles like cannonballs and arrows as well as the ubiquitous firecrackers.

The use of terrorising and deadly rockets by Genghis Khan during his widespread conquests of Asia, Russia and Europe spread the knowledge of rocket technology across the globe. The obvious military advantages of rockets as weapons of war accelerated advances in their technological development to createmodel rocket ever more powerful, accurate and destructive versions.

A key advance was the invention of the first liquid-fuelled rocket in 1926 by the American Robert Goddard in Auburn, Massachusetts. Goddard is considered to be one of the fathers of the modern rocket era. In the span of a few short decades this led to the German V-2 rockets and NASA’s Saturn V liquid-fuelled rockets which landed the first humans on the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in 1969.”

Model Rocket Safety

Taken from Wikipedia – “Since the early 1960s, a copy of the Model Rocket Safety Code has been provided with most model rocket kits and motors. Despite its inherent association with extremely flammable substances and objects with a pointed tip traveling at high speeds, model rocketry historically has proven to be a very safe hobby and has been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers.”


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