Compilation of Cool Stuff

This is where I find really COOL stuff and throw them together. I get these items from different places. I will be constantly updating this page with new and COOL products and improving the layout. Be sure to come back and check out what is new! I also have a lot of neet stuff to the left.

For more info and to make it your own just mouse click on the picture.

True Reflection Mirror – You ever hear the story of the metal plate picture of Billy the Kid? These early photographs did not reverse the image like modern day photographs do. In otherwords they were like a mirror reflection. Left/right is backwards. Because of this reason up until recently it was believed that Billy the Kid was left handed but actually he was right handed. A hollywood movie was made about Billy the Kid with this mistaken knowledge called the Left Handed Gun starring Paul Newman. The True Reflection Mirror corrects the reflection to be like a modern day photograph. This changes things dramatically. Look at the mistake that hollywood made. What mistakes have you made by not seeing your true self in the mirror……OOOOOOO     Deep.   But it REALLY IS DEEP!!!       $200

Suit Pajamas – Be ready to answer the door at your house in comfort and flair. Look like a sex god when in the bedroom. Women look good in this wardrobe as well but men please do not wear dresses. Women can get away with things that men cannot.     $99.95

3D Nightlights – Keep your children safe from monsters especially the ones in the closet. Many different 3D images to choose from. You can even alternate between 7 vibrant colors.     $20.97

Universal Coat Heater – How many of you like to stay warm in the winter? I am going to guess and say ALL of you. Fits in any coat, keeps you warm for up to 4 hours on a single charge, battery is rechargeable, has 3 heat settings, and can charge your cell phone.        $99.95

BBQ Branding Iron – Be a real cowboy and brand your beef. I am not kidding. I bet, that even though I never heard nor read about it, that in the old days ranchers branded their cooked beef at parties. So much has been lost through the years.      $24.99

Werewolf Dog Muzzle – Got a dog and like to scare people? Then your fun dilemma is solved. Watch people run. I would!     $59.34

Color Changing Umbrella – Rain can change temperature dramatically and quickly. That is how this umbrella works, temperature change. You will learn to love rainy days. The Morton Salt Girl would loved to of have had one of these. $30.11

Drum Isolation Booth – Like playing drums but the neighbors complain? Have a drum complaint about one of your children? Then this can be very useful. Under the right conditions it is worth its’ weight in gold.                                    $2,450.94

Campfire Fork Attachment   4 pc $82.96

Dry Erase Wristband   $12.99

Hoverboard Sitting Attachment    $99

Inflatable Motorized Water Board      $999.99

Watercraft Multi-Color Lighting System    $159.99

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher – The first time I saw one of these was on a 4th of July celebration. I do not know who they were but they were launching water balloons at us from so far away that only a cheetah on cocaine could have caught them. I was jealous. I WANTED ONE OF THESE!!!!       $11.99

Back Hook Massager – I almost did not include this device because for one I have never used it and two it looks too simple. I mean some people get paid lots of $$$$$ to ease your tension. The reviews, however, are one of the best I have seen. Someday I will probably get one of these because of the reviews. If nothing else It would be great to throw it at a neighborly yapping dog. It might come back???      $29.87

Fullsized Land Cruising Tank – Now many of you are probably wondering what you would do with this? Well if a Chavez or an Escobar from a Columbian drug cartel wanted you dead this would come in quite handy for warding off bullets or a necktie party. Do not have any drug lord enemies then do as one guy did and gave his daughter one of these things for graduation.       $19,999.95

Dual Stage Snow Thrower   $1,494.37

Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner $17.99

Jewelry Cabinet Mirror – Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of all? I think we all thought it was us when we were younger. This is sooo cool. Would be great to hide stuff. Always know where your jewelry is and organized.     $79.94

Coiled Wax Candle – If Dracula is your neighbor then this little gem could come in handy.You could light up the room around his coffin for 144 hours. That’s right this single candle can burn for 144 hours! He may never come out if you had plenty of these. You might have to,however, run off the werewolfs outside. I mean their howling might wake him up.    $41.99

X1 Bike The Latest 100% Electric Folding Bike – Be the campground boss! Can reach speeds of 19 mph and a range of 25-35 miles.     $935.65

USB Rechargeable Windproof Ark Lighters – Put the Neanderthals to shame. Well I doubt that they would feel shame. They would probably just want your lighter.  These are the newest gadgets of the lighter industry.

Waterproof Firestarter Tinder – With North Korean missiles flying over Japan you might have to head to the deep woods for cover. This firestarter would come in handy.     $8.93

Stink Bombs 3 Pack – ha ha ha ha ha…For years I used to carry one of these around in a pocket just in case. They are composed of Ammonium Sulfide. They smell like sewage and will stink up a room for a long time. $1.89

Envelope X-Ray Spray – Nice little gem to add to your spy kit.     $17.99

Glass Skull Decanter Set – Spruce up your mancave. Decanter is 750 ml and comes with 4 glasses. $59.95

Giant Cocktail Shaker – Has anybody ever said that good things come in big packages? Well maybe I am the first.      $17.25

Jeri-Rigg-Anchor Strap – Light and convienient. Can be wrapped around any pole and holds up to 3,000 pounds. $15.95

Invisible Ink – Be Sherlock Holmes and write invisible messages only visible under a black light.     $13.51

Alarm Clock Vibrator – The best part of waking up is not coffee but this Alarm Clock Vibrator. With Little Rooster you wake slowly, sensually, pleasurably. Now I KNOW that some of you ladies would love to at least try it out. Go ahead I am not watching.       $89

Foosball Coffee table – Add a real foosball table to your home without making it seem like a bachelor pad. Your wife or girlfriend (or both) will love you for it.   $597.86

Magnetic Wristband – This would be very useful for carpentry work like building that shed in the backyard after your wife kicked you out.       $14.65

Baby Pacifier Thermometer – Now what a great idea! Inexpensive too. I remember all the times getting things stuck up my ass when I was a baby and a very young adult. The adults would say it will not hurt but what they did not say is to not feel embarrassed. I remember those grins. I am with the babies on this one.   $7.95

Watermelon Tap Kit – Be the hit of the party with a watermelon keg. I remember my college days. One year the specialty was Bicardy151 daquari parties. And the other years the specialty was a mix of booze and fruit drinks in small trash cans. This watermellon set up would have been great!!!!! $27.95

UV Exposure Monitoring Bracelet – Know when too long is too long in the sun. Would also make for a good conversational piece on the beach.      $14.75

All Terrain Bluetooth Speaker – Blast loud music deep in the woods even in the rain. Might keep a Big Foot or two away.     $39.95

Mini Bicycle Tool   $34.30

Compact Manual Chainsaw      $42

HD Dashboard Camera   $79.99

Sliding Barn Door      $139.95

Windshield Video Recorder – Record that Bigfoot you know you saw. Many years ago I saw a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) walking along the road out in the middle of nowhere. I really did! This was long before these video recorders came out. Others would laugh and say ya right. Do not feel my frustration! Be ready.   $169.99

Travel Pillow – I must say the first time I saw this photo I was looking at the woman not the pillow. She is so pretty but then I realized how relaxed she must have been. I then saw the pillow and thought what a great idea. This would be good to keep that stiff neck away and watch the scenery.    $32.95

3d Video Glasses    $45.95

Lighter Blowtorch Attachment – $18.23

Double Chamber Drink Cooler   $109.99

Handheld Electric Pressure Washer   $78.33

Smartphone Thermal Imaging Camera   $1,048.82

Heated Car Seat Cover   $34.99

Tropical Air Terrarium – Automatic misting and lighting system. Made of Acrylic which is 10 times stronger than glass and 93% clearer. $399

Shot Glass Roulette – Gamble and party at the same time. Includes 16 shot glasses,working roulette wheel,and 2 metal balls.   $10.95

Pug Mask – Freak people out!    $50.48

Cat Face Massager – Keep your kitty purring all day long. $24.99

Snowball Slingshot – I must admit I could have used this when I was a Kid. $49.89

Rubber Band Machine Gun – Holds 900 rubber bands and fires at 16 A Second!    $375

Boobs Ice Mold – Nothing like a chilled drink from nipples.     $29.99

License Plate Flipper – For those in disguise or just for fun.    $155

Windshield Frost Cover   $23.99

Heart Rate Measuring Wristband   $89.68

Hammerhead Sled – This is not just a sled this is a Hammerhead!   $149.95

Automatic Donut Making Machine – This can churn out 150 dozen donuts per hour!     $9,900

Digital Measuring Cup/Scale – Be spot on with your measurments. Has a light up LCD window on the handle.   $24.26

Under The Desk Gun Holster – Do not get caught with your guard down. In the real world things like this are a necessity. $23.99

Swiss Army Nail Clippers   $18.49

Skull Beer Bong   $11.32

Indoor Golf Driving Range – I used to be pretty good at tennis. I taught myself groundstrokes by hitting against a wall so if I were a golfer instead this would make perfect sense. You could work on your chips and drives in your home or maybe at your office. Or you could from time to time hit the ball as hard as you could out of frustration. Office would be good for that. $595

Secret Compartment Sunscreen – Everyone has a secret on this planet and so should you. I learned at a young age that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were not real. I used to stay up half the night to get a glimps of the Tooth Fairy and I used to pull my own teeth too. And how did Santa get in our house I mean we did not even have a chimney? Lies and theft are all around you!         $10.73

Barbeque Grill Cleaning Robot   $70.67

Levitating Light Bulb $349

Glow In The Dark Bikini Underwear – Nothing like glow in the dark woman’s bikini underwear at night with a partial moon during a cool summer night. Just makes me want to howl     $15

Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat – I almost did not comment on this adventurous toy because I was afraid the Fun Police might intercede. Ah the hell with them.    $849.95

Lighted Skateboard Wheels $19.99 – $118

Hand Mirror   $7.16

Start A Fire With Air Compression- Works! $22.75

Military Grade Rubber Bands   $15.50

Money Rolling Papers 4 wallets of 10 papers each    $19.95

Paper Towel Stand – Nothing says cleaner than a cat’s ass more than this    $24.99

Military Grade Lensatic Sighting Compass    $13.86

Universal Electronic Device Mount   $38.99

Mountable Wireless Bicycle Speaker   $41

Professional Computerized Telescope       $7,111

Towable Water Raft   $1,748

Belt Buckle Flask   $15.37

Bluetooth Car Finder   $24.99

Digital Tape Measure – The Neanderthal days are over. Be spot on your measurments with this device.    $30

Medicine Bottle Timer Cap – Lets you know when bottle was last opened. $17.95

Tennis Ball Launcher – When it comes to playing fetch make your dog do all the work.      $24.99

Ultra Portable Solar Balloon Cooker       $39.95

Adjustable Grip Wrench    $28.99

Light Up Umbrella     $21.80

Stove In A Can    $26.45

Horror Sound Effects Instrument – Create horrifying hair standing sounds. $299

Keychain LED – Be able to open your door quickly so the monsters will not get you. Good Reviews 3 Pack     $7.99

Pet Pouch Hoodie – I had a cat for 20 years named Shithead. She was so sweet. I have had other cats too enough to know how cozy this cat is in the picture.         $70 – $87

Heavy Duty Grocery Bag Holder        $!0.59

Car Power Inverter 12v – 110      $18.99

Hardware Bitcoin Safe    $83.97

16th Century Globe Bar – Great for a mancave.   $139

The Ultimate Fire Starter    $79.95

Multi Tool Axe Head   $92.17

Levitating/Floating Wireless Speaker   $109.99

Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher – Why does a dog lick his balls?…..Because he can. Why does a man scratch his balls?….. Because he can and it feels good. I have had girlfriends that were keen at scratching my back but they would not scratch my balls. Any real man would agree that there is nothing like a good ball scratch. Kinda makes me glad I am alive.     $17.92

Back Shaver – I remember in high school there was this sophmore who had a full beard and his back was covered with hair. I thought the beard is fine but the back hair has got to go. I suppose I really did not care unless it was me. He looked like an Ape. Women shave their legs so us men should at least keep our back shaved. I am with the women on this one.      $24.99

Transparent Escape Practice Handcuffs        $18.95

Spin The Shot Drinking Game   $9.99

360 Degrees Radar Detector – Best Seller in Radar Detectors     $509.31


Design Your Own Pancakes With The Pancake Printer $259.99

Smart Eyeware For Athletes – See your metrics live     $294.95

24 Rubberband – Gun    $119.99.

Picnic Backpack for 4 People   $56.99

Mist Fan   $65.97

Inflatable Vehicle Hail Protector   $429

Portable Thong Bleacher Seat   $19.99

Solar Window Phone Charger   $29.99

Motorized-Cooler Scooter $899.98

Cardio Game App   $69.95

Streaming USB Stick – 2,000 Channels    $63.99

Biometric Safe   $229.99

Vitamins For Party Drinkers   $37.99

Guitar Pick Maker Using Old Credit Cards      $24.53

Water Purifying Straw   $19.95

Clone A Willy Kit – Make a Clone of Your Penis, your Love Bone, your Taliwaker, your Pecker,Uncle Fred, or even The Cowardy Lion. Whatever you call it  $49.95

Functional Stress Relief Enter Key   $14.99

Inflatable Giant Movie Screen 151 X 85 Inches    $397.17

Smoke Ring Maker And Bubble Blower     $16.49

Emblazoned T-Shirts    $21.99

Color Changing Dragon Eggs    $34

Potato Gun    $125

Toadstool Table And 4 Chairs – Create a surreal environment with these overgrown looking fungi. Made from heavy duty resin. $499.99

Solar Powered cooker – If the sun shines in your neighborhood then this is for you. No electricity,no coal or wood ashes, just clean fun!    $449

USB Portable Charger Using Fire   $110.95

Safe Russian Roulette (Fill Balloon With Water)    $13.89

Secret Decoder Ring    $17.99

Shit Out Of Luck Survival Tool    $27

Quick Install Hitch   $299

Shit ‘n’ Stroke    $24.95

Perfect Pour Waffle Maker    $34.95

Instant Watermellon Slicer    $11.99

HDMI Mini Projector – Create a cinema atmosphere wherever you are. Connect via HDMI cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras and more. Has dual speakers and focus control.    $395.75

Poop Senders Shit Delivery Service – Ruin someone’s day by sending them Cow poop, Elephant poop, or Gorilla poop anonymously! You can even send them a combo pack. I am just sharing the love.

Stair Climbing Cart    $87.11

Air Fort Inflatable Tent    $56.99

USB Heated Food Carrier    $254.53

Model 1911 Rubberband Gun   $39.99

Portable Smokeless Charcoal Electric Grill       $189.99

Passout Drinking Game   $17.01

Iphone Instant Photo Printer   $142.51

The Hidden Beer Cup   $12.48

The hidden drink trick     $12.98

Dog Puzzle Feeder   $299.99

Creepy Unicorn Mask   $31.35

Waterproof Metal Detector $127.45

Madd Gear Drift Tricycle   $139.60

Rock Pillows   $219

The Ultimate Multi-Sectional Skillet   $48.23

Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove    $109

Air Fry Foods Without Oil    $93.94

7 In One Power Station   $99.99

LED Color Spectrum Clock   $44.99

Wearable Group Communication Device       $175.42

Automobile Expresso Machine   $197.34

No Blind Spots Rear View Mirror    $49.95

Tornado Demonstration Machine   $217.70

Portable Pressurized Shower    $83.99 – $109.95

Hanging Tent Platform    $699.95

Waterskipper Sea Scooter – Fun Fun    $459

Download Unlimited Movies      $9.95 Per Month

Snorkeling Kickboard    $397.74

Wireless Camera Car Backup System    $413.56

Taser Pulse Stun Gun    $322.99

Offensive Business Cards    $19.99

Remote Controlled Interactive Cat Toy   $49

Ultimate Breakfast Machine   $22.49

Portable USB Monitor   $231.72

Instant Audience   $14.95

Flashforge 3D Printer – Good Customer Reviews   $399

Inhalable Caffeine – Get a quick boost of energy anytime with this unique blend of caffeine and B vitamins.     $17.75

Ice Pipe Mold   $24.99

Pasta Maker   $179.95

Magic Flying Butterfly From Card    $5.97

Laser Tag Set    $64.99

First Person View R/C Drone    $499

Iphone Controlled Paper Airplane    $45.49

Foldup Suitcase Picnic Table    $177.79

Folding Keyboard    $67.46

Samurai And Katana Swords

Pet Door – Microchip in Pet Controls Door  $148.39

Magic Wand TV Remote Control    $64.95

Water Filtration Bottle    $109.95

Dual Drink Backpack    $89.90

Sky Nest Hanging Tent    $1,791.82

Solar Powered Grill   $269.99

Iphone Recharging Crank Case   $82.50

Emergency Kit Backpack   $99.06

Inflatable Fishing Boat   $178.92

Pocket Arrow Slingshot  $115

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit   $39.30

Portable Compact Generator    $499.99

All Weather Lighter    $52.06

Portable Shower Camping Bag    $28

Credit Card Sized Wilderness Tool   $9.99

Waterproof Backpack   $299

Reflective Spray   $22.93

Remote Control Camera Quadcopter   $234.95

Bunk Bed Hammock    $119.95

Smartphone Laser tag     $28.99

Portable Solar Panel   $79.99

Reverse Peephole Viewer   $36.53

Gothic Sword Umbrella    $50

Car Top Tent     $1,299

Rolling Picnic Table Cooler   $75.80

Baby Saddle Shoulder Strap    $95

Trailer Hitch Hammock    $438.80


Shot And Chaser Shot Glass     $12.12

Motorcyclist Armored Gloves   $269.95

Stick-n-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker  $39.87

Closet Air Purifier   $69

Cat Activity Play Mat $39.99

Floating Water Mat   $548

Motorcycle LED Kit   $64.99

Glow In The Dark Beer Pong   $14.99

See Through Shaded Sun Visor   $12.75

Hidden Bladder Flask   $24.95

Riot Gear Armor   $1,703.55

Virtual Infared Keyboard   $99

All Terrain Cooler   $199.99

Keychain Breathalyzer   $28.37

Wearable Bass System   $349

High Definition Camera Pen   $79.99

Window Cleaning Robot   $61.70

Liquid Plastic Welder   $19.99

Hand Shovels     $17.99

Drifting Go Kart    $299.99

Bubble Tent    $1,950

Levitating Flower Pot    $189.99

Virtual Reality Backpack PC    $1,799

Smart Phone Endoscopy Tube Camera      $18.99

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone With Cap        $13.40

Light Up Bubble Gun    $7.33

Remote Control R2 D2    $173.98

Luggage Scooter   $299.99

Inflatable Basketball Court   $283

Remote Control Submarine Camera      $5,795

Truck Bed Air Mattress    $209.90

Tree Climbing Hand Spikes    $16.24

Instant Pop Up Tent    $74.99

Transforming Picnic Table    $154.82

Emergency Flotation Wristband    $89.99

Star Wars Sun Reflector    $7.64

Alcohol Shot Gun    $18

Instant Red Meat Thermometer       $14.97

Scary Peeper   $39.99

Miracle Cube Timer    $15.11

Collapsible Camping Stove    $20.99

Automatic Car Umbrella    $239

Tactical Crossbow    $380.76

49 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor     $1,499.99

Inflatable Solar Latern    $25

Rubber Band Engineer Book    $15.63

Compact Folding Stroller    $179.95

Lightbulb Hidden Camera    $124.99

Stun Gun Iphone Case

Ravioli Maker Rolling Pin    $99

Dick Towel – There is a saying,”You either got it or you do not got it.” But with the Dick Towel seemingly having it when you may not will open up a huge door of negotiations with the opposite sex. There is also another saying, “How big it is does not matter it is how you use it that really matters.”        $24.95

Outdoor Security Camera    $164.99

Forearm Ammo Sleeve    $22.44

Beer Slushie Machine    $26.71

260 Foot Zipline Kit    $779.99

Multi Tool Key Holder    $19.99

Heated Hoodie    $119.99 – $129.99

75 Foot Water Slide    $149.95

Stash Container Bolt    $21.44

Bioluminescent Water Gun    $44.90

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce – Burn your own ass or or better yet burn someone else’s asshole with this hot concoction. You know the people I am talking about. They are too tough for anything. After you talked them  into it give them some John Wayne toilet paper. It is rough, tough, and will not take shit off off no one.      $9.46

Wolf Crotch Underwear – Let the women you think you love think your bite is worse than your bark. They will think they love you for it. My twisted psychology really does work.      $2.95 – $8.99

Musical Tesla Coil Kit    $249.99

Water Gun Umbrellas    $19.99

Easy Food Dicer    $29.99

Curved Shower Rod    $13.99

USB Lighter Watch   $15.99

Infinite Stacking Soap Bar – Use Old Soap Slivers    $12.99

Flaming Wallet Trick    $11.99

Portable Armrest Divider/Extender    $25

Garden Root Slayer – Award For Most Innovative Garden Tool    $49.99

Remote Control Electric Skateboard – Go 7 miles on a single charge at speeds of 22 mph.   $1499

Electrical Outlet Bed Risers    $38.27

Ostrich Pillow    $74.22

Pig Shaped Food Grill    $2,018.79

Hydro Ball Wind Spinner     $129.95

Millennium Falcon Quadcoptor    $70.91

Solar Charger Hydration Pack   $69.99

Laser Virtual Bicycle Lane   $33

Floating Drink Cooler Kayak   $124.64

Coca-Cola Frozen Slushy Machine $51.68

Ring Vapor Blaster    $214.71

Universal Gun Holster    $70

Get Plump Lips Safely and Easily   $34.99 – $49.99

Trick Golf Balls $11.95