Compilation Of Cool Stuff 2

Star Wars Battle Drones – Recreate your favorite intergalactic battles right in your backyard by piloting these Star Wars battle drones. These laser equipped drones can fly upwards of 35 MPH, feature movie-quality detailing, and come in designs like the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon.          $99

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Self Defense Pepper Gun     $349.99

Poop Odor Toilet Fan    $169.95

Open Palm Fireball Launcher    $174

Credit Card Size Phone    $79

90 Degree Sissors    $19.99

Capacity Meter Flash Drive    $48.93

$500,000 Prop Money Filled Duffel Bag – Watch someone’s jaw drop when you show them this phoney money in a duffel bag.          $24

Self Balancing One Wheel Skateboard – Glide across the terrain at 8 mph with a range of 8 miles! Also emits a cool neon green.    $649

Piggyback Ride Costume – Make everyone laugh no matter what the occasion. It creates the illusion that you are being carried by a very kind man.    $52.99

Wood Burning Stainless Steel Portable Pizza Stove – Be the pizza chef everybody wants to know. Capable of 932 degrees!        $299

Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads – Now as for me I like to see people get a good whiff when I cut the cheese. It is too funny to pass up. Women, however, are different than men. Ladies keep a few of these in your purse just in case and the time will arrive. I will not say anything.        $12.95

Bicycle Seat Lock – Cruise around on your bicycle without having to carry a cumbersome lock.      $109

Portable Solar Panel – Keep your phone and 12 v devices charged on camping trips. $79.99

Smart Rear View Mirror    $115.99

Bicycle Rear View Radar    $295

Women’s Painless Hair Removal – No pain more gain is the beauty of this popular device. It is a big seller so you know it is good. It was designed to get rid of facial hair.       $19.99

Alarm Clock Rug – Win the daily battle against the snooze button by upgrading to this alarm clock rug. The ingenious design makes you get up and stand on the mat to turn it off.     $69

Star Projector Light    $13.99

Self Rolling Yoga Mat    $79.99

Death Star Weed Grinder – Crafted with a zinc alloy and aluminum this tough little 3 piece grinder will ensure a more pleasurable experience.       $13.99

Spy Video Watch – I bet James Bond has one of these. Capture and playback up to 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio, or 2000 pictures.       $42.86

Zippered Workout Belt    $21.99 – $74.70

Scary Bomb Alarm Clock    $42.95

Led Cooler Lights    $14.99

Grill Floss    $21.28

Burger Press – Make your burgers look professional and save on hamburger.    $6.23

Kill Flies With Salt Gun – I have one of these and boy are they fun. I have used it  primarily to kill porch spiders. I modified it by taking off the safety.       $42.95

Flame Simulating LED Lightbulb – Create a romantic atmosphere without the risk of burning anything down. They flicker just like candles.    $17.66

Solar Powered cooker – If the sun shines in your neighborhood then this is for you. No electricity,no coal or wood ashes, just clean fun!    $479

Slip And Skid Water Hockey    $39.99

Treadmill Desk    $549.99

Giant Peanut Butter Cup – Now I bet the  Cookie Monster would love to bite into one of these. Know a Cookie Monster? Then you have the perfect gift.    $29.99

Candle Phone Charger – This device uses the thermoelectric principal. It really works. Good for camping trips and for power outages.      $92.06

Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine    $31.11

Volcano Microwave Cleaner    $12.99

Roll Up Travel Bag – I think I would much rather have this travel bag instead of a suitcase. More compact, lighter, cheaper, and you can hang it on the wall. Some mice crapped in my suitcase so I threw it away. If it was hanging on the wall this would not have happened. When I start traveling again I will get one of these.       $44.99

Solar Powered Battery Pack Generator – Keep your electronic devices going – even if there’s no wall outlet in sight – by plugging them into this solar powered battery pack generator. It features a 500 watt-hour lithium-ion battery that recharges in just 7 hours when placed under direct sunlight.    599.99

Hangover Prevention Formula    $23.99

Doggie Jogging Hoodie    $5.99

Animal Footprint Sandals    $45.39

Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask    $47.51 – $99.90

Stainproof Dress Shirt    $89

Carbon Fiber Wallet    $99

Sarcastic Magic Ball    $17.99

Mooning Lawn Gnome – Light up the lawn with a full moon. How many of you have mooned others? I have.   $1.99

Portable Projector    $399

Adult Big Wheels – Beware of the fun police if you aquire this. We are told how to think and what to do our entire life. Having fun is natural for all humans.   $899.95

Rainbow Backlit Keyboard    $22.99

Skateboard Lights    $49.99

Glow in the Dark Lingerie    $49.99

Backyard Mini Golf Set    $297.04

Light Up Makeup Mirror    $27.99

Self Stirring Mug    $9.49

Real Roses Trimmed With Real Gold – Each rose is preserved by hand through a 40 step process. Lacquer and Gold preserve the rose. Platinum or Silver can be used instead.     $54.99

Travel Pillow    $59.99


Lockpicking Practice Padlock    $15.95

Virtual Reality Headset    $499

Lockpicking Tool Kit    $14.99

Portable Super Strong Door Lock    $19.95

Hidden Pocket Leather Belt    $12.99

High Definition Camcorder    $1,999

Multitool Roasting Stick    $24.95

Bleeding Hearts Candle    $17

Photography Drone    $709

Fiber Optic Dress    $173.94

Prank Stickers    $9.99

Spherical Food Converter – Now this is interesting. Turn food into what looks like caviar. You could raise your society status by several notches by throwing caviar parties.     $124.99

Solar Mushroom  Lights

Silicone Bottle Caps    $9.99

EZ-Loader -Toilet Paper – I remember the first time I came across one of these toilet paper dipensers. It was so simple, so unique, so practical. I just wanted poop there every day.    $13.99

TV Viewing Beer Mug – The way this mug works is that when you are drinking your beer you can more easily look over the mug. If you see any flies or spiders then you can kill them with the bugasalt gun from above.    $8.99

Bed Climate Control Machine    $139

Camping Cube Tent    $236.34

Yoga Learning Mat    $119.95

Death Star Firepit    $3,750

Car Interior Lighting Kit    $29.99

Guitar Learning System    $44.95

Backpack Paramotor Aircraft   $8,450

Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock     $29.99

Reversible Sequin Pillows    $19.99

Samsung Smart Robot Vacuum    $599.99

Color Changing Nail Polish – Good reviews.        $9.25

Wireless Smartphone and Tablet Charger   $19.95

Human Hamster Ball – Roll and Bounce over most terrain in safety…Once again beware of the fun police.        $1,199

Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boats – Now what kid would not love this fun. When I was their age I was not able to swim yet and I can tell you I still would have had fun.       $54.89

3 In 1 Specialty Coffee Maker    $299.99

Temperature Adjusted Coffee Mug       $149.95

Rose Shaped Soap Dispenser    $29.99

100 Gallon Emergency Water Container  $89.29

Survivalist’s Multi Tool Shovel    $75.99

Ultra Loud Alarm Clock And Bed Shaker  $32.95

Cat Ears Headphone – Her smile says it all.       $79.99

Iphone Speaker Case   $124.99

Latte Art Printer Coffee Maker    $1,199

Magnetic Building Blocks    $75.66

Backpack Pet Carrier    $81.32

Persistant Mobile Alarm Clock    $39.99

Car Console Vault – An experienced thief has no problem breaking into a car but they will leave scratching their head after trying to break into this mini safe. Massive 12 gauge cold rolled plate steel, welded tab and notch seams. Superior 3 point locking system resists prying.    $278

Favorite Restaurant Recipies – Why pay extra for those great restaurant dishes when you make what they have and cheaper in the comfort of your home?     $19

Wicked Temptations Lingerie

Propane Smoker $136.20

Clock Powered By Water    $26

Learn Easy Magic    $27

8 Gallon Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller – Be the envy of the Appalachian Mountain Moonshiners with this real alcohol still.  $258.99

Lion Mane Costume For Dogs    $14.95

Transparent Kayak – See the beauty below you in safety while cruising around. $1,599

Titan Trash Compactor – Reduce the volume of garbage your home produces by upgrading to the Titan trash compactor. It features a patented, hygienic compaction system that allows it to hold over 3 times more garbage than a regular trash bin of the same size after compression.       249.99

Dual Focus Monocular Telescope – 16X52 High Power Magnification. You can see 16X closer with a clear and bright image .dual focus capability (front and back adjustable zoom). Has a Wide-angle and HD view, is waterproof, and comes with lots of extras.     $24.90

Rover Land & Sea – Cruise on land or bring your adventure onto the water.
Built-in camera rotates 90 and streams to your device in real time. Headlights and underwater LEDs illuminate the Rover’s path. Use the app to drive, control the camera, speed, lights, and more.     $99.99

Virtual Reality Alien Attack Game – If you grew up on Space Invaders, you’ll love this virtual reality alien attack game from Sharper Image. It comes with a Bluetooth-enabled blaster that you connect to your smartphone so that you can identify and vaporize the tiny alien invaders right in front of you.    $59.99

Exhaust Powered Car Jack – Sick of conventional car jacks and their cliche use of leverage? Now you can fix a flat tire  more easily and safely. In unstable areas of mud, sand and snow, the X-Jack offers a wider footprint to avoid sinking and more stability.       $250.99

Six Person Floating Island – Turn a summer day into a paradise. One person who has one of these said that they had 10 adults on this island and probably could have had 2 more.      $169.99

Blinker Fluid – ha ha ha ha ha!!! I came across this and just had to share it with you. Is there such a use for Blinker Fluid? This is a gag of course.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Shaving Blade Sharpener

Bicycle Engine Kit – I have this very same engine set up to my bicycle. I have gone thousands of miles on this single engine. I have a whole write up about bicycle engines on this web site just go to the top of this page and select the category Bicycle Engines and Parts at your left.    $119

Playstation Racing Wheel Controller    $422.28

Holiday Lights Projector – Always keep your house decorated for any holiday the easy way. Comes with 16 slides. $59.99

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Star Wars Wall Clock – The reason this image is so big is so that you can appreciate the details.        $199.95